SB 695/HB 807 Puts Mothers and Newborns at Risk

North Carolina’s OB/Gyn doctors and Certified Nurse Midwives work side-by-side as partners to ensure that their patients – women and soon-to-be-born children – get the best and safest care possible. Cooperation and high standards of care are only enhanced by flexible, but necessary, physician supervision of nurse midwives. Physician OB/Gyns complete twice as many years of education and over ten times as many clinical training hours as nurse midwives.

Nurse midwives are an essential part of a team approach to ensuring the safety of thousands of mothers and children in our state. As with any team, leadership by those with the most experience and education is necessary.

Every mother and child deserves the best and safest care. Lowering standards of care – reducing safety – to increase access to care is a false choice that no woman or family should face. That’s why NCCPP opposes reducing safety standards such as eliminating the requirement that nurse midwives work supervised by a physician.

Passage of SB 695 or HB 807 would allow lesser qualified providers to direct the care of patients with the highest risk. It could also leave those providers unprepared to handle complications that arise in even the healthiest patients. Passage of this legislation will give women and their families a false sense of security that midwives can do everything necessary to keep mothers and their newborns as safe as possible.

Every pregnant woman and every newborn in our state deserves the best and safest care – because problems during labor and delivery can come at any moment, without warning, for even the healthiest women.  Eliminating physician supervision of nurse midwives is simply not worth the risk.

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