Keep Physician Supervision, Oppose SB 695

Did you know that physician supervision provides greater flexibility to the way nurses practice in our state?

North Carolina law is unique from many other states in that it is accommodating to both nurses and physicians – resulting in better patient care. While other states limit nurses to the skills acquired during 1-2 years of training, North Carolina law allows nurses to expand their expertise well beyond their formal education. This broadening of their responsibilities is achieved by working side by side with a supervising physician.

Physician supervision allows nurses to achieve additional on the job training from someone with over a decade of medical education, thereby practicing well beyond what was learned in nursing school.

In fact, advanced practice nurses in North Carolina can perform any medical act approved by a supervising physician.

Supervision allows nurses to practice to the fullest extent possible, while 
maintaining the safety net of physician expertise vital to patient safety.

As the needs of our state change, physician supervision allows nurses to maximize their skills and practice without the limitations of their training. Otherwise, nurses simply do not have the training necessary to safely and independently practice medicine.

Senate Bill 695 proposes to allow nurses to independently provide neonatal care, mental health services and any other medical care across the life span of a patient – despite very limited training.

Two years of education prepares nurses to follow pre-approved protocols, but it does not prepare them to independently diagnose and treat complex disease.

Nurses play a vital role in the patient care team, but
two years of training is no substitute for the expertise of a physician.

For these reasons the Coalition supports physician supervision of nurses and opposes SB 695.

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