What is Cialis 5 mg used for?

Cialis is a PDE5 inhibitor which contains the active ingredient Tadalafil. It is an intensive pharmacological agent which has vasodilator properties and acts selectively only in the blood vessels of the small pelvis.

The pharmacological properties of Tadalafil determine a list of the indications when this medication may be used:

  • The treatment of the erectile dysfunction of the organic, psychogenic or medicated origin during the combined therapy
  • Prevention of the erectile dysfunction in young men who are at the risk group
  • The treatment and prevention of prostatitis

Cialis 5 mg is often used for the treatment of the urological diseases and a recovery of the erection in men1.

However, there is a clinical evidence that the everyday use of Cialis 5 mg helps to reduce a risk of the development of the pulmonary hypertension in patients with underlying risk for this disease, and higher doses of Cialis are preferable during this pathology2.

Cialis has a narrow pharmacological action because the mechanism is conditioned by the influence only on the PDE5 enzyme. It does not give an opportunity to use the drug in the treatment of many diseases, however the urological diseases when Tadalafil is used for are treatable in 99% of cases.

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